Kezz Bracey
Hi there. I'm a designer and coder who specializes in web design and development and also works in the areas of game development and digital art. In the web space my focus is on theme development for WordPress, Ghost or any other themeable platform, and on finding the latest most efficient, user focused design and dev techniques of the day. In game development I'm addicted to playing with every different engine, toolset and framework I can find and I could spend months at a time immersed in level design. And in digital art there's little I love more than creating realistic style vector pieces, and of course assets for games through original art or photo manipulation. In short, if it's creative and you can make it digitally with code or design apps, I love it.
  1. Linux400

    Linux for Web Design

  2. Web2mac 1

    Web App to Mac App With NW.js

  3. Bombproof

    Bombproof Web Design

  1. Pre

    UI Design in 60 Seconds