Hendrik Maus
Hendrik is a Web Application Developer based in Cologne. He is working with SAE Global/European IT and Navitas Ltd., mostly on large scale database driven PHP applications using Zend Framework, MS SQL and some pretty exciting cutting edge stuff. Always happy to branch out and experience related fields. “Trying to become a renaissance developer seems to be the ultimate goal for me. Being able to pick any right technology for the job, adapt and use it quickly.” As Application Developer, he’s not only good for code in multiple languages, but for expertise in: Software & Information Architecture using OOP principles and design patterns, some visual Design (mostly improving existing stuff really), testing, and a little of marketing. Besides the job, Hendrik is always up to different freelance projects and writing for online magazines like Envato and others. He likes trying out new and interesting web technologies to move further down the path to achieve his very goal of becoming more of a renaissance developer; as well as just taking some hours off. Before fully going into the development area, he spent quite some time teaching and developing curricula as a Senior Head Instructor for the Webdesign & Development department at SAE Institute.