Derek Jensen
Web and Mobile Dev Chicago, IL
Derek Jensen is a lifetime nerd that calls the Chicagoland area home. He is your typical family man that loves activities with his wonderful wife and three amazing children. He is huge sports buff (both playing and coaching) and loves football, baseball and basketball. He loves just about any technology he can get his hands on but spends most of him time on the server side of the world. His day job consists of writing highly transactional backend web services, data access layers, and n-tier applications using the .NET Framework in C#. At night, when he's not spending time with his family, he enjoys authoring Tuts+ Courses and creating ASP.NET MVC web sites and mobile apps for clients.
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    Create Your Own Alexa Skill

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    Swift Design Patterns

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    Rethinking APIs With Falcor

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    Data Handling With Python

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    How to Use Swift on Linux

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    watchOS 2 From Scratch

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    Upgrade an App to watchOS 2

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    Up and Running With Swift 2

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    Crawl the Web With Python

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    SOLID Design Patterns in C#

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    Learning TDD in C#

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