Dan Wellman
Dan Wellman is an author and front-end developer based in his home town in the south of merry old England. By day he builds web sites and applications and likes to focus on JavaScript, testing and workflow tools. By night he produces video courses for Tuts+ on a range of mostly front-end focused topics, usually centered around JavaScript.
  1. Angular Fundamentals

  2. Instant Webpack 2

  3. Essential Gulp Tasks

  4. Angular Testing Inside Out

  5. Testing Angular Components

  6. Testing Angular Filters

  7. Testing Angular Services

  8. Testing Angular Directives

  9. Testing Angular Controllers

  10. JavaScript ES6 Fundamentals

  11. Sails.js From Scratch

  12. Building a Chrome Extension

  13. Require JS Explained

  14. Pro Front-End Workflows

  15. SVG Uncovered

  16. Regression Testing

  17. Learning YUI

  18. Understanding Backbone in .NET

  1. How to Set Up GitHub