C.S. Jones
I was born in 1990 to a journalist and a freelance photographer. It seems I inherited their jobs along with their genes. Growing up, I was always more interested in communications and the creative arts than the more “practical” fields all my classmates were going into. I spent five years interning in radio as a teenager, and I sold my first photo to the St. Petersburg Times at 16. Since I began studying writing and art in my teens, I’ve co-founded a gallery (I’m not involved with it anymore, but it’s still there), landed countless gigs in both fields, worked with some of the most fascinating people I’ve ever met, traveled up and down the east coast for work, scripted cartoons, written copy for e-businesses, and spent a year working at a commercial photography studio. And in June 2014, I finally made the switch to writing full-time. That brings us to the present. Now, going into the future, I’d like to continue to build on what I’ve learned, and to explore even more fields. I’m currently interested in mixed-media art, design, and other fields that allow me to use blend disparate skills to create a coherent whole. …Oh, and by the way, I’m nowhere near as arrogant as the domain name makes me sound.