Arooha Arif
Freelance Content Writer
Arooha Arif is a Freelance Content Writer. She is great at copy but her love for long-form content — articles and blogs — exceeds all other forms of writing. This is mainly because she believes that long-form content is the most valuable asset because it helps the users along with building a business or brand’s trust and authority. Arooha is dedicated to writing tech tutorials for Envato. She got interested in tech when she started a book blog back in high school. Since then, she has learned to code and can research out and solve any tech-related issue she faces as a full-time freelance writer. Arooha Arif has majored in English Literature which is also where her passion lies. When she is not writing, she is reading classic novels or Rilke’s poetry. She believes an article does not only have to provide value; it must be a smooth and aesthetic experience for a reader. Tech is only a small part of her expertise. Other than that, she likes to write content that is related to SaaS, marketing, and Personal Development. If you want to contact her, reach out to her via her email address:
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