Gareth Coker
Since moving from Japan to Los Angeles in 2009, Gareth has gradually established a foothold in the industry through writing for numerous projects, both big and small, for all mediums, and in multiple genres. He is noted for creating unique soundscapes in his scores while also being able to apply these exotic and unconventional tones in a way that fits the story being told. Friendly and highly flexible during the process, he is always open to working on new and exciting projects. He has scored two feature films, most recently DARK POWER, starring Kristianna Loken, and a plethora of short films, many of them award-winning such as WAKING UP, and WHAT TO BRING TO AMERICA. Alongside these he has contributed heavily to the video-game scene, notably scoring the games PRIMAL CARNAGE and INMOMENTUM in the last two years. Currently he is composing a full orchestral score for a Moon Studios / Microsoft videogame, to be announced at E3 on June 9th for XBOX 360, XBOX ONE and PC. In addition to his scoring duties, he writes numerous cues for library music companies, notably ICON TRAILER MUSIC and EMI PRODUCTION MUSIC. He also has worked closely with several trailer houses, especially ZEALOT, INC. to provide custom music for their marketing campaigns, which have included Oscar-winners THE KING'S SPEECH and SECRET IN THEIR EYES. He is also a best-selling author on Audiojungle, having sold over 5,000 licenses since joining. In addition to being an author, he is also an active reviewer for the marketplace. Gareth was educated at the ROYAL ACADEMY OF MUSIC in London and at the UNIVERSITY OF SOUTHERN CALIFORNIA in Los Angeles, studying composition and film scoring respectively. While being a British citizen, Gareth has lived in Holland, Baltimore, Utsunomiya (Japan), and Los Angeles. As a result of living in these countries, he had the fortune of being able to not only explore them, but also their surrounding countries as well. Having travelled extensively, his multi-national background has helped him draw on numerous musical influences that have helped shape his musical sound over the years Gareth is a BMI-affiliated composer, a member of the Game Audio Network Guild, and the Los Angeles chapter of the International Game Developers' Association