Cody Lindley
Cody Lindley is a client-side engineer (aka front-end developer) and recovering Flash developer. He has an extensive background working professionally (16+ years) with HTML, CSS, JavaScript, and client-side performance techniques as it pertains to web development. If he is not wielding client-side code he is likely toying with interface/interaction design or front-end application architecture. When not sitting in front of a computer, it's a sure bet he is hanging out with his wife & three boys in Boise, Idaho. In his spare time Cody is working towards being a "One Dollar Apologist" and enjoys defending the rational evidence for a classical Christian world-view. Currently he is working for TandemSeven as a Principal Front-End Architect.
  1. Math Function

  2. The "this" Keyword

  3. Function()

  4. Object()

  5. The Head / Global Object

  6. String()

  7. Number()

  8. Boolean()

  9. Array()

  10. Null