Arie Stavchansky
Arie Stavchansky was born and raised in Austin, Texas. After completing a Master’s degree in Design from Carnegie Mellon University, he returned to Austin where he earned a Ph.D. from the University of Texas and taught several digital media studies and production courses as a lecturer. Arie’s research, teaching and consulting have led him to the intersection of a rich interdisciplinary world spanning the fields of technology, art and design. On any given day he is just as likely to sketch the design for a corporate logo as he is to write computer code for a client project. What remains consistent is that he is always creating: sketching, designing, illustrating, animating, filmmaking, rendering, coding or working in combination. Arie's professional practice has led him to collaborate with designers, directors, artists, programmers and producers at post-production houses, design firms, and video game development studios such as Digital Kitchen, LLC in Chicago, IL, MacGuff in Los Angeles, in New York, NY, and Sony Online Entertainment in Austin, Texas. You can visit his own production and design studio, foci, online at