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We help students master creative and technical skills through self­-paced courses and tutorials. Whether you’re an expert in code, design, illustration, photography, web design, or another subject, get paid a competitive rate to share your ideas and experience.

Our editorial team will work with you every step of the way, from the spark of an idea through to publication.

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Teach a Course

Courses provide students with in­-depth video training on a specific topic.
  • Create 90+ minutes of video­ based teaching
  • Present with screencasts, slides, and optional on­-camera video
  • Organize your course into chapters and bite­ size lessons
  • Teach skills comprehensively from start to finish
  • Engage with our member community of self­-directed students
Teach a Course
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Create a Tutorial

Tutorials provide step­ by­ step instructions to help students build their practical skills by working on a particular project or outcome.
  • Create a how ­to tutorial in written or screencast format
  • Help individuals achieve a useful outcome in a single sitting
  • Inspire people to improve their creative and technical skills
  • Reach our audience of over five million monthly visitors
Create a Tutorial

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