Tuts+ Redesign: The What and Why

If you've come from Tuts+ Premium and are wondering why we've redesigned, what's changed, or how it affects you, read on. If you'd like to give feedback on the changes, or have suggestions for how we could take Tuts+ to the next level, there's a link at the bottom of this page where you can get in touch.

What's going on?

Good question! This blog post provides the best explanation.

What does this mean for my Tuts+ Premium account?

All accounts will be moved over, so you'll have access to the same range of courses and eBooks that you did on Tuts+ Premium. You can now sign in to courses.tutsplus.com with your Tuts+ Premium details, and take a look around the redesigned site.

How do I sign in with my Tuts+ Premium account?

Go to the sign in page (via that link, or the menu option at the top of this page) and use your Tuts+ Premium username and password.

I have an account to sign in to Tuts+ Courses that's different to my Tuts+ Premium account. Which do I use?

If you’ve used the same email address when signing up for both accounts they’ll now be merged, so you can use either!

However, if you signed up to Tuts+ Courses with a different email address to the one associated with your old Tuts+ Premium account then you’re now the proud owner of 2 separate accounts.

Simply use the account best suited to what you’re trying to learn. We’ll shortly be looking at ways to merge accounts in this situation to make this a bit smoother for you.

There's no monthly subscription option. What happens at the end of the month when my existing monthly subscription is due?

All existing subscriptions (and their auto renewing payments) have been carried across. If you were on a recurring monthly subscription for Tuts+ Premium you'll have continued access to courses and eBooks here as long as your subscription remains active.

If I cancel my existing monthly subscription, can I start it up again later?

As monthly subscriptions have been retired, once you cancel your old Tuts+ Premium monthly subscription your options for accessing courses become:

  1. Only view free courses (Free).
  2. Purchase a single course ($25 $15).
  3. Purchase a bundle of courses (6 courses for $59 $45).
  4. Purchase a yearly subscription ($180).
  5. Purchase a pro yearly subscription ($360).

A feature I loved seems to be missing. What's the deal with that?

Some features of Tuts+ Premium haven't been moved over just yet. We've held off on moving across comments, forums and other site enhancements, as they were providing limited value in their previous state and we feel strongly that those tools can be improved for our community of members and users.

We've retired Guides as a primary feature, but they're still available via these round up posts:

  1. Master Web Design with Tuts+ Courses
  2. Become a Professional JavaScript Developer with Tuts+ Courses
  3. Become a Graphic Designer with Tuts+ Courses
  4. Become a Print Designer with Tuts+ Courses
  5. Become a Modern Web Designer with Tuts+ Courses
  6. Become a Modern PHP Developer with Tuts+ Courses

The site's design has been refreshed, we've added a new (faster) video player, and it's now much easier to view on a mobile or tablet. And our courses are as helpful and educational as ever.

We've also relaunched our Suggest a Course feature so you can again have a direct say in what courses we produce.

And yes, course searching and downloads are on the way!

If there's a feature you'd love to see included in your access to Tuts+ courses and eBooks, let us know via the link at the bottom of this page.

I found a bug! What now?

Alert our support team and give yourself a high five for being an awesome member of the Tuts+ community.

What else?

We're hoping you like the new design as much as we do. It's a big move for Tuts+, and our focus is on making sure that you can find and learn from our courses and tutorials, to your heart's content. Thanks for your continued support! We'll have more great features coming soon, but in the meantime let us know if you have any other questions or suggestions.

Questions or suggestions? Let us know.