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    Professional Photograph Restoration WorkflowPreview
    In this tutorial, we'll take an in-depth look at restoring an old torn photograph. Restoring old family photos is something that you can do for your relatives and bring tears to their eyes, and yes this is a service you can offer to clients as well. Let's take a look at a professional workflow for restoring old photographs to their former glory.Read More…
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    Psdtuts+ Exclusive Freebie: 15 Weathered Wood Photoshop BrushesPreview
    Photoshop Version: CS3Size: 2500px by 2500pxLicense: See DownloadRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Psdtuts+ Exclusive Freebie Announcement: 15 Weathered Wood Photoshop BrushesPreview
    This is a new pack of Photoshop brushes available exclusively from Psdtuts+. We have a new set of Weathered Wood Brushes for you. They are great for adding that touch of worn or natural feel to your next design project. This set of high quality brushes is available to download today!Read More…
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    From The City to The CD: How to Illustrate City Scenes for Album Sleeve ArtworkDesign and illustration
    I work predominantly for advertising and editorial clients, however I'm also lucky to get involved with some real creative spirits on some great collaborative projects, like the New Jersey based electropop band "The Title."Read More…
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    Anatomy of a WordPress Plugin200x200
    WordPress is well known for its amazing collection of free plugins. There is one for almost every need you can think of, from backing up your WordPress installation to asking for a cup of coffee or fighting spam. But there are times when none of the available plugins seem to quite do the trick you are looking for. To help you in moments like that, this tutorial will guide you through every step of building a simple, widgetized WordPress plugin with settings. Read More…
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    40 Ultra-skilled Speed Drawing VideosSpeed draw prev
    Speed-drawing videos are like a shot of adrenaline, with hours of creative brilliance packed into just a few minutes--sometimes a matter of seconds. Here we've collected 40 of the most awesome and skilled speed-drawing videos on the web.Read More…
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    Jonathan Wong InterviewP
    Jonathan Wong is a relatively new artist that has an abundance of potential in his art. Only 19 years old and already he has some amazing art that will surprise even veterans. In this interview, Jonathan gives us a glance at his ideals towards design; He also explains why every designer should use a Wacom Tablet. So lets get into the interview.Read More…
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    Create Vibrant Illustrations Using Special InksDesign and illustration
    Offset printing is composed of four spot colors: Cyan, Magenta, Yellow and Key (black) commonly referred to as CMYK. Some colors are impossible to reproduce with CMYK alone, such as metallics and fluorescents, other colors such as vivid oranges and greens are problematic.Read More…
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    Converting a Design From PSD to HTMLSc 200x200
    Several weeks ago, I showed you how to take a PSD design and convert it into HTML and CSS. Given the popularity of that particular tutorial, I've decided to create a second series. However, I'm not much of a designer. Instead, I asked Collis if he would allow me to use the design that he used for a recent tutorial for Web Design Week. Just like last time, I'll take you through the process step by step - even through the tedious parts. Enjoy! Read More…
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    How to Illustrate a Cute Emo KidPreview
    We’ve recently included some funny looking cartoon style silhouettes on our website, so in this tutorial I will take you through the process of drawing these cuties. The concept is based on the Emo trend and I will take you trough all the steps from sketch to full color vector. I am using Illustrator CS3, pen, paper, scanner, and Wacom tablet.Read More…
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    10 Principles of the UI Design MastersUithumb
    Breathtaking and useful designs happen because the UI has been worked on tirelessly. It takes a real UI Master to understand how to make a terrific user experience on a website. Here are 10 extremely useful principles from some of the brightest minds in the User Interface field.Read More…
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    How to Create an Ice-cold Poster with 3D Text ScreencastPicture6
    "In this tutorial, you'll learn how to combine stock images and 3D text into a cool poster. We'll use an icy theme for it and color it the way we want. You'll see it's not that hard to create a simple appealing poster with effective use of text and imagery" - Ben MerckxRead More…