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    ActiveDen and Activetuts - New Names, Same Awesome Content200
    For just over three fantastic years FlashDen has been the jewel in Envato’s crown. It is our longest running and most active community, and thanks to the amazing authors who showcase their work there, has become the largest marketplace for Adobe Flash files in the world with over 8,500 items for sale. Last week Adobe asked us to change our name and URL so that it would no longer contain the term ‘Flash’, which is a registered trademark of Adobe. We know that the success of our sites is about the community and content, not the names. So here at Envato HQ we’ve been busy thinking up new names and we think we’ve found a great new home for both our marketplace and our Tuts+ blog on Flash. As of today the two sites now live at ActiveDen and Activetuts+.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create 3D Text Blocks in Photoshop - Screencast320 3d blocks
    "In this tutorial, I'll show you how to create a 3D Blocks text effect. You need to have Adobe Photoshop CS4 Extended to practice this tutorial. This will be fun and I'm sure you can do lots of cool things using this technique. Let's get started!"Eren GokselRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with Digital Illustrator Chris HainesP
    Chris Haines is an extraordinary designer currently residing in Australia, at first glance his style will blow away any viewer. Once you are drawn in by his amazing imagery, you will be surprised by his knack for detail in his art. Overall Chris is one of the best designers around and his work will prove that. In this interview we discuss Chris's signature style of mixing 3D with Photography, and more.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with Daniel SwartzPreview
    Daniel Swartz is a vector illustrator from Indiana, USA. He's a thoughtful creative professional with a passion for drawing and painting. He has a well established and thorough creative process, a good mix of formal focus and creative experimentation, and well-seasoned experience as an illustrator. He shares his hard-worked knowledge by teaching at the collegiate level, and gives us a great mix of creative and business advice in this interview!Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    How to Use Logic Pro 9's Drum ReplacerThumb
    Drum replacement is a tool that comes in handy when recorded drums just won’t work with the rest of the track. Whether that’s because of a badly placed mic or the wrong kit was recorded, technology has made it easy to swap in some more appropriate samples while retaining the dynamic characteristics of the original recording. I’ve long wished that Logic would adopt drum replacement abilities like those Pro Tools has, and with Logic Pro 9 it did — and it does it much better, too.Read More…
  • Code
    WordPress 2.7 Complete: Review200x200
    We're rolling out a new sub-category on Nettuts+: reviews. Sporadically, when a new book or piece of software is released, either myself or one of our writers will write a review detailing the pros and cons. A couple weeks ago, Packt Publishing sent me a copy of the recently released "WordPress 2.7 Complete." Though the platform has already moved on to 2.8, I was still quite pleased with the final product. Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Making of “The Tunnel” in Maya and Photoshop: Part 2Titleimage
    In this tutorial you will learn how to create a fantastic tunnel scene in Maya, and then add some final lighting touches in Photoshop. You will follow Abed Ibrahim through his process of modeling, texturing, shading, and rendering techniques, and finally arrive at the spectacular result that is shown here. Read More…
  • Photo & Video
    Friday Photo Critique #2Preview
    Friday Photo Critique is our weekly community project, where we publish a photograph submitted by one of our wonderful readers, then ask you all to offer constructive feedback on the image. After a few days, I'll update the post to feature the most helpful and insightful comments. You will also be credited with a link to your website or portfolio, so be sure to enter it correctly when submitting a comment!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Make a Creative Blog LayoutPreview
    In this tutorial, we'll make a creative blog layout using mostly simple shapes, a few brush techniques, some images, and a dose of Photoshop ingenuity. Creating web design layouts is easier than you may think. You can learn to build attractive designs rapidly. Creating this design will take less than two hours and you'll learn some professional tips along the way. Let's get started!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    50+ Brain-Sucking, Walking the Earth Dead, Vector ZombiesPreview
    Halloween is on October 31st, and that day is fast approaching. You may have client requests for evil vector illustrations, a need to create a flier or poster for your raging Halloween party, or just want to jump in and create something creepy to get in the Halloween spirit! Don't worry, we've got you covered! For the next three weeks we'll be releasing inspirational vector posts on various creepy Halloween related topics. Today we start off with some fresh from the grave, zombie vector illustrations!Read More…
  • Code
    Winners Announced: 50 Frontal Licenses worth $1,950!200 contest
    The folks at Frontal have kindly offered up 50 single licenses to giveaway to Activetuts+ readers! Frontal is used by web designers & developers to build rich media content, applications, and websites. Read on to discover more about Frontal and find out how you could be amongst the lucky winners...Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Simulate a Realistic Sniper Scope Perspective3d and motion graphics
    I will outline the assets that I provide in Photoshop and the principles of accomplishing the intended outcome. In After Effects I’ll make use of pre-compositions, motion tracking and some easy expressions. For clarity’s purpose I’ll get into details about optical phenomena when necessary.Read More…