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    30+ Useful Resources for Improving Your Photoshop EfficiencyPreview
    Photoshop users have the opportunity to drastically improve productivity and efficiency by gaining a solid understanding of the Photoshop tools, the capabilities of the program, and by learning some handy shortcuts. This article looks at more than thirty useful resources for getting more out of less time when working with Photoshop. There are a few different collections of keyboard shortcuts, guides to getting more familiar with some of the tools, and resources to help you with automating repetitive tasks.Read More…
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    Create a Vibrant 3D Pixel Type Treatment - Video003 3d pixel
    In this tutorial, I will show you how to create a fun 3D pixel font type treatment. Using a free font, gradients, and Illustrator 3D filter, you will easily create a type treatment that you can apply to many other fonts. - RypeRead More…
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    How to Quickly Create a Stylish Retro Text Effect200pxthumb
    In this tutorial we will be designing a cool retro text effect, which is growing more and more popular in today's design. Today you will learn how to use the Perspective tool to create depth and how designers can use default gradients in unusual ways!Read More…
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    7 Awesome Admin Themes to Skin Your Next Client App (via ThemeForest)200
    In my years as a web designer I can't remember how many times I've had to theme a back-end admin system for one reason or another. It seems to be a really common task so when we started ThemeForest a couple months ago I added an "Admin Skins" category for back-end admin themes and it's turned out to be the most popular category on the whole site. It makes sense because a client admin area often just needs to look neat, tidy and professional, so spending ten or fifteen dollars on an HTML skin is a pretty economical way to make the job look nice and slick, especially if design isn't your primary skill set. The themes generally have a range of styles for things like tables, lists and even calendars, so they are pretty flexible and can be moulded to fit most little applications.Read More…
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    Using Hitpoints and Markers in Cubase 4 to Create a Tempo TrackThumb
    Sometimes when you are recording a new track it is good to turn off the metronome and auto-quantize using your software, just hit record, and play from the heart. A spontaneity and more human quality can be captured in the performance. This works particularly well with solo guitar or piano. Or maybe you want to use some audio from a live recording or a studio session where no click track was used. When it comes to adding other sequenced parts to audio that has been recorded in this way it can be difficult to get the timing of the midi notes right. The metronome and auto-quantize will be out of sync with the audio.Read More…
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    An Interview With Jonathan Snook200x200
    With a wife and kids, Jonathan says, the work day must end precisely at 5:00. Yet somewhow, he still manages to be an accomplished web developer, writer, blogger, freelancer - you name it! One wonders if Jonathan uses a special clock that the rest of us aren't privy to. "An internationally-admired web designer and developer based in Ottawa, Canada, Jonathan Snook is a gifted creator of striking designs, impeccable markup and code, and forward-thinking ideas and applications that invariably win the respect of the top people in the industry." Read More…
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    50 Great Photoshop Tutorials for Clever BeginnersBeginnerpsd prev
    Before you can create Photoshop masterworks, you need to learn the basics. Even the most complex digital artworks are built on a foundation of simple actions. These 50 tutorials are aimed at the clever beginner who wants to master Photoshop from the roots.Read More…
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    10 Lessons From Comic-book Illustration LegendsLegendsprev
    Vector art and comics are a match made in heaven. Because of this, it's no surprise that many vector illustrators would love to illustrate their own comic or graphic novel one day. To help you reach this goal, here are 10 priceless comic-book illustration lessons from a star-studded group of industry legends.Read More…
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    Scanning Folders with PHP200x200
    Let's imagine that you want to build a page that will display snapshots of your latest work. One way to do this would be to hard-code the images into your document. The obvious repercussion is that, every time you want to add a new item, you must manually update your html document. Another method would be to store and retrieve the information from a MYSQL database. This will function perfectly, though for many sites, this solution may possibly offer far more power than is technically needed - not to mention the increase in hosting costs. In such instances, the best solution is to make PHP scan your "portfolio" folder and dynamically create the code for you. If you want to update your page with a new snapshot, all that you need to do is drag the image, and its respective thumbnail, into the appropriate folders - and PHP will do the rest. Let's build it now! Read More…
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    How to Make 3D Neon Light TypographyDesign and illustration
    Neon lights have always been a fascinating spectacle of light, and often difficult to photograph. Well, there is no need for a camera here, since we'll learn how to create 3D neon type from scratch.Read More…
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    Design a Shiny Bass Guitar Illustration Using Photoshop - Videos005 bass
    In this tutorial, we're going to draw a detailed bass guitar illustration. I'll show you how to create all the shapes and connect them to make this quality bass. It's a pretty long and time-consuming tutorial, though I've streamlined the descriptions as much as possible. So let's get started! - Wojciech PijeckiRead More…
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    jQuery Plugin: Preload Images200x200
    Cost: Free, links backFound Via: Read More…