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    Build a Custom CMS Using PHP and MySQLiCode
    In this video tutorial, we'll be building a custom Content Management System (CMS) using PHP and MySQLi. We'll start off by pulling our content from a MySQL database and then build a CMS admin panel to manage our content. For easy content management, we will be using TinyMCE as our editor. I hope you enjoy the screencast.Read More…
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    AS3 101: Functions – BasixPreview
    This is part 2 of the introduction to ActionScript 3.0 series. We'll be talking about functions. Just like last time, when we focused on variables, we'll be primarily targeting the neophyte programmer, who has little to no experience with functions. However, even if you're relatively comfortable with functions, you may want to skim through this tutorial if certain aspects of them – like datatypes and default values – aren't quite sitting well with you. We'll spend the first half of the tutorial covering things at a more theoretical level, then put some of those ideas to use in the second half. We'll be building a very simple piece with a series of buttons which swap out the content on another part of the page. There'll be a few functions in use to accomplish this, primarily one that handles the setting of the content. Make yourself comfortable, go and take a look at the demo, then get stuck into the tut.. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Illustrate a Sensitive Subject Using Poser, Cinema 4D, and PhotoshopDesign and illustration
    In this tutorial I'll walk you through a hypothetical brief on creating a magazine illustration. To start off, I'll show you how to painlessly export/import Poser meshes into Cinema 4D, where you'll perform a Boolean operation.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Model, Sculpt and Texture a Monster in 3ds Max and ZBrush - Part 1200
    This is a multi-part tutorial on creating a Demon-like 'Lok Warrior' with realistic muscle anatomy. In the first day of this tutorial we will create a base mesh for our character using poly modeling. In day two we will take this mesh into ZBrush and sculpt intricate muscle anatomy. On day three we will texture the creature and add the finishing touches to the artwork. Let's begin day 1 of this tutorial.Read More…
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    24 JavaScript Best Practices for BeginnersOptimized.200x200
    As a follow-up to "30 HTML and CSS Best Practices", this week, we'll review JavaScript! Once you've reviewed the list, be sure to let us know what little tips you've come across! Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Gorgeous Glassy Text EffectPreview
    I Worked on this tutorial with a good friend of mine Negreu Andreas. This text will be created using a series of shapes with different transparency and color effects. Let's get to it!Read More…
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    How to Create a Stack of Poker ChipsPreview
    This tutorial will teach you how to create a simple poker chip. Once the chip is created, we can change colors, stack them together, rotate, and whatever you want. Let's start by creating the elements on the face of the chip. Then we will use a technique I use in Technical Illustration to create a isometric cylinder. Next we give it some color, add a shadow and a background to finalize the image. Hopefully the techniques in this tutorial will help you in some of your own projects. Read More…
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    Sexy Web DesignSwd
    Sexy Web Design - Free 71 Page Preview An easy-to-follow guide that reveals the secrets of how to build your own breathtaking web interfaces from scratch. You'll be guided through the entire process of creating a gorgeous, usable web site by applying the timeless principles of user-centered design. Even if you're short on design skills, with this book you'll be creating your own stunning web sites in no time at all. Read More…
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    How to Syndicate Content Without Utilizing a News Feed200x200
    Many websites offer syndication formats such as RSS, JSON, or XML based services to allow for easy content delivery. But what happens when a website doesn’t offer one of these services? How do you syndicate content from a website that doesn’t offer a news feed? This is what I set out to solve. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    30 Different Flying Birds Vector FreebiePreview
    File Type: AILicense: Creative CommonsRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Design a Stunning, 3D, Sunset Type IllustrationPreview
    Today we're going to run through multiple platforms to create a warm and sunny typographic treatment. We'll use C4D to create the text, Illustrator for several decorative motifs, and Photoshop to bring them all together. Let's get our hands into creating this warm type illustration.Read More…
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    Intro to Flash Camo Part 2Preview 2
    Welcome to the part two of my introduction to the Flash Camouflage Framework. In part 1 we built the foundation for our site, components, labels, css parser, and set up our PropertySheet. In this part we're going to focus on the design side of our site by cleaning up the layout, skins and adding interaction. Let's get started.Read More…