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    Contributions Open, Traffic Steady & Other NewsShield general
    It's two weeks since NETTUTS launched and I'm happy to report the site is kicking along better than I ever expected! With two and a half thousand RSS readers and some eight thousand visitors a day, it's kinda staggering for a brand new site! With such booming progress I've been knuckling down to get the mechanics of the site working a little better and have plenty of news to tell...Read More…
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    Rate Increase for Tutorial Submissions and Other Updates8
    Some quick news about tutorial submissions. We've increased the payment amount for tutorials, and we have a new preview form. You can now pitch us before writing up a tutorial. We also have some more information about becoming a regular writer.Read More…
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    Design Soft Stylized 3D Type 200px
    The use of 3D type is an increasing trend in design today. Creating such type usually requires advanced 3D software. Yet, not all of us own such software, nor know how to use it. In this tutorial, I will teach you the basics of creating polished 3D type using Illustrator and Photoshop. Let's get to work.Read More…
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    FlashDen Redesigned!200
    Hey folks! A quick update from me to interrupt Sean's schedule. I wanted to show off a new design that's just gone live for our sister site FlashDen! It's a big rejig of the site which took the team almost two weeks to complete, but is now happily out on the wilds of the Web.Read More…
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    Psdtuts+ Contest Prizes and Submissions Update8
    The contest is running along great—lots of quality submissions. I've got a couple more prizes to announce, as well as a selection of some of the top entries so far. Let's see how the competition is coming along. It's always great to see the work done in the Psdtuts+ Flickr group. This time there are prizes on the line.Read More…
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    7 Crucial Tips for Designing and Maintaining a Large Site200
    Projects vary in scope and size, and the challenges they entail vary likewise. As a lone web designer, the biggest job I am responsible for is FlashDen. Along with thousands of active members all chatting, uploading and buying, the site processes large amounts of money and large amounts of traffic. Designing, redesigning, maintaining and working with developer team has given me some useful insights and tips for making life easier. And since today we've launched my latest redesign of the site, it seems like a good time to write up my top 7 tips!Read More…
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    Best of the Web—April200x200
    Some great work is available from multiple sites this month. There are tutorials that will complement the skills you're learning here at Psdtuts+. There are fantastic freebies to check out as well as inspirational and informative articles. Let's check out some super material available on the vast "interwebs."Read More…
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    Awesome Photorealistic Coloring Techniques200x200
    In this tutorial we will color a black and white photo using gradient maps, solid colors, and the Color blending mode. Using these techniques, you will be able to hand color any black and white photo in a way that looks photorealistic.Read More…
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    Quickly Build an Abstract Background of Colored Bars - Screencast200
    "Oftentimes there’s a need for a quick but unique design. In this tutorial, I’ll be showing you a short but attractive way to create a graphic for backgrounds, wallpapers, greeting cards, designs, and all that other good stuff. You will learn a simple Photoshop trick that you can easily manipulate for your daily needs." JonathanRead More…
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    Sergio Ordóñez Suánez Interview200x200
    Sergio Ordóñez Suánez is an illustrator and artist who creates great characters, logos, mascots, and other designs, done predominately in Photoshop. He took his self-honed skills and turned them into a successful professional career. He has some great advice to share with us about developing as an artist, working with clients, and pursuing your passions. Let's jump into the interview.Read More…
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    Psdtuts+ is Looking for Another Regular Tutorial Writer8
    Yes, we're looking for another great regular writer. Do you posses the artistic talent to create outstanding Photoshop designs, while having the ability to explain all the steps that got you to that final image? If that sounds like you, then we would like to hear from you.Read More…
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    Create a Sleek, High-End Web Design from Scratch200
    In this tutorial, we'll put together a high-end Web design using a crisp, thin font, gorgeous background images, and clever use of space and layout. You can easily use the technique to create your own unique designs. Then when you're finished reading this tutorial, you can cross over to our sister site NETTUTS and follow along as we build the design into clean and simple HTML. OK let's rock'n'roll!Read More…