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  • Design & Illustration
    Creating a Shoe Advertisement Poster Using Floral ElementsPreview
    In this tutorial you'll learn how to create an advertisement poster for your personal shoes. When working on an advertisement you must pay attention to all the details as you publish your poster and prepare it for the whole world to see. Another important thing about advertisements is that you need to work hard on all the details and do everything you can to make the product look better and as attractive as possible. The rest of the concepts you create for the poster will just attract more eyes, but if your product does not look great, and if it is not the focal point of the composition then you may fail, the possible customers will just turn around and look at the next poster. Let's get started!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create an Hourglass Icon in About an HourPreview
    With simple shapes, gradients, and vector textures, this simple tutorial will show beginning illustrators how to create an hourglass icon. There is a whole lot you can do without the Pen Tool. We'll be using Illustrator CS4 for this tutorial, but those of you with older version should be able to follow along as well. Let's get started!Read More…
  • Code
    Need Some Outstanding Developers to Help With New "Components" Category200 news
    During the first half of this month, ThemeForest will be launching a brand new "components" category that will appeal more to developers than designers - at least from an authoring stand-point. To help seed this new category, we're in need of a few more outstanding developers to help us out. If you're creative and have the chops, email to discuss the details and compensation. * Note - to qualify for this initial seed content, you really need to know your stuff. When you contact us, please include your unique component idea, and samples of your work. Otherwise, your email will unfortunately be deleted. I'm looking forward to hearing from some of you! What's a "component"? Think advanced CSS/Flash menus, drag and drop shopping carts, graphs, etc. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Richly Ornate Typographic IllustrationPreview
    When looking for top quality content, you're usually forced to pay for your resources. They're generally better and easier to work with, and offer a wider range of use. Sometimes though, you can find the same level of quality at zero cost, and it's exactly what we're going to do today. We're going to create a detailed illustration with free gifts and self made goodies.Read More…
  • Code
    Setting Up a Flash Development Sandbox: <br />Part 2Preview
    This is part 2 of how to set up a Flash Development Sandbox. You can read part 1 here. In this tutorial we're going to go over how to set up a local testing environment, look at the Debugger, Flex Builder's Profiler, talk about project organization, and setting up/using AS Docs.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Give Your Type Some Ball ActionPreview
    We get a lot of requests for tutorials that don't require 3rd party plugins, and since we like to make our readers happy whenever possible, Adam is back breaking down the rarely used "CC Ball Action" built-in plugin to make some very cool type transitions.Read More…
  • Code
    15 Wonderfully Creative Uses for PHP200x200
    If you are familiar with the basics of PHP, then you're probably wondering how you can use it to make your website more appealing. The possibilities are endless, and you can write your own PHP scripts or implement widely available scripts from around the web. Let's get started with 15 creative uses for PHP for your website! Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    20 Short Films and Music Videos Made with After EffectsThumbnail
    After Effects is not just for commercials and network ID's anymore. It's being used more and more in films and music videos. Here's a sampling.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Barton Damer InterviewPreview
    In this interview, Barton shares with us his humble beginnings and the story of how he landed his first clients, launched his career, built contacts, and over time became more selective with his freelance work. Barton has a tremendous amount of energy and it shows in his motion inspired colorful work. He has loads of experience and a creative, passionate spirit, which is inspirational. This is an awesome read, so lets get to it!Read More…
  • Code
    An Interview With Marko Dugonjić200x200
    Marko Dugonjić is a web professional from Velika Gorica, Croatia. He's recognized as an expert on web standards and standards-based web sites. By focusing on simplicity, he creates accessible and easy to use web interfaces which are both visually appealing and highly usable. He's also the creator of the famous Typetester. Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Free Vector Decorative OrnamentPreview
    File Type: EPS, AI, and SVGLicense: Creative CommonsRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Use Depth of Field to Create Portraits with Blown-Out BackgroundsPreview
    Photographers can benefit by learning some camera and shooting principles that will improve their results. A strong photograph has a clear subject, and using depth of field to create a blurred background is one of the classic ways to isolate and play up the subject. An understanding of this will also allow you to adjust your photos to create natural looking depth of field effects in Photoshop when needed. Let's look at seven such principles and techniques that will help you with adjusting depth of field to focus the subject in your photos.Read More…