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  • Code
    WordPress: Beginner to Master, Part 1Code
    Throughout this six-part beginner-to-master series, we'll be using the advanced features of WordPress to create our own portfolio & blog, complete with an options page, multiple styles and support for the new WordPress 2.7 features.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create a Breathtakingly Awesome Rain Scene - Day 2Preview
    In part 2 of Alex's massive tutorial we finish the tutorial with the construction of the last scene.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Premium After Effects Project Files (via VideoHive)200
    As many of you know, the team behind Aetuts+ is also responsible for a site called VideoHive which we launched in December last year. VideoHive is a marketplace for buying and selling motion graphics and AE Project files and as our only sponsor pays the mounting bandwidth bills to keep this site running! Today I'm showcasing some of the best files on our marketplaces over here on Tuts+ to show our audiences not only what's available to buy, but for potential authors what sorts of things you can sell! Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    30 Brilliantly Flexible Templates & WP Themes (via ThemeForest)200
    Since we launched ThemeForest last year and ran our big Web Design Week promotion here on Psdtuts a few weeks later, the site has been growing like wildfire. With some 800 templates and themes now available and top authors earning in the thousands each month, the site is really gaining on FlashDen to be our top marketplace. So today I thought I'd run down some of the best HTML templates and WordPress themes for those of you who may not have seen the awesome files available lately!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    30 Stunning Flash Image Galleries (via FlashDen)200
    One of the most popular uses of Flash for designers and illustrators that I've observed is to create image gallerys to showcase graphic work. So its unsurprising that on our sister marketplace FlashDen the image gallery category is jam-packed with stunning Flash galleries. Today I've rounded up 30 of the best to show off here on Vectortuts+ as we countdown to the imminent launch of our latest Tuts+ site ... Flashtuts+.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    30 Great Ambient and Background Loops (via AudioJungle)200
    We're closing in on a year now since Envato launched its audio double header of AudioJungle and Audiotuts+ and though it's taken a while, the growth has been slow and steady! We've had some brilliant tutorials here on Audiotuts+ and over on AudioJungle we've had some really great loops and tracks. One of the most popular classes of music in the 'Jungle has been without a doubt ambient and background music. So we've rounded up 30 of the best ambient and background loops for you to take a wander through as a sample of the great work over at AudioJungle! Read More…
  • Code
    30 Photoshop Web Elements, Backgrounds and Icon Sets (via GraphicRiver)200
    When you're designing or building a website, chances are you're going to need various little elements designed. I personally tend to reuse a lot of the same buttons, menus, icons and so on. Since we launched GraphicRiver earlier this year though we've seen a lot of cool little web graphics coming in, in the form of web elements, backgrounds and icons. So I've compiled 30 of the best to give you a flavour of what is available over there. Of course don't forget if you just need a complete PSD design template to build off you can grab those at ThemeForest!Read More…
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    The Easiest Way to Use Any Font You Wish200x200
    CSS 3 is on the horizon, and we're all getting excited. Thanks to the latest browser updates, developers can begin working with time-saving new properties - such as @font-face. Unfortunately, the availability of these features is limited to a tiny fraction of our overall userbase. At least for the next year or so, we'll need to continue utilizing the Flash and Javascript alternatives when embedding fonts. Luckily, a new contender, Cufón, has made the process unbelievably simple. What makes it different? Rather than Flash, it uses a mixture of canvas and VML to render the fonts. In just a few minutes, I'll demonstrate how to use any font you wish in your web applications. Excited? Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Make an Eco Friendly Vector Poster200poster
    In this tutorial, we'll explain how to create an illustrated poster and how to set up our own crop marks in a few easy steps. This tutorial is aimed at the beginning Adobe Illustrator user. Creating this poster is relatively easy, so let's get started at the jump!Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Looking Back On Three Decades of Home RecordingTascam
    It was getting towards the end of 1983, not long before I turned twenty. I had just started learning to play keys on my dad’s cheap organ, and I was discovering a new world of music, and a new identity of being a musician. I didn’t want to play dad’s organ for the rest of my life, and started exploring what was available. I fell in love with professional music stores, and my idea of how much musical instruments cost took a quantum leap.Read More…
  • Code
    10 Rare HTML Tags You Really Should KnowDogtags
    Web developers these days are often expected to know and work in multiple languages. As a result, it's tricky to learn everything a language has to offer and easy to find yourself not utilizing the full potential of some more specialized but very useful tags. Unfortunately we haven't been tapping into the full potential of these more obscure HTML tags as of late. But it's never too late to get back into the game and start writing code that taps into the power of some under-used tags. Here are ten of some of the most underused and misunderstood tags in HTML. While they might be less familiar, they're still quite useful in certain situations.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Grunge Style Illustration with Stains - Screencast020 stains
    "Inspired by the article "18+ Sources of Inspiration from Coffee, Ink, Blood and other Stains," by Steven Snell, I decided to show my personal way of creating stain based designs in Photoshop. In this tutorial, we'll grab a picture, apply several filters to it and obtain a monochromatic stain, which combined with stain brushes and a texture will transform into an eye-catching grunge result. Let's get it started!" Alvaro GuzmanRead More…