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  • Design & Illustration
    Best of the Web – June 2009Preview
    Each month we round up some of the best vector content on the web and post it here for everyone to enjoy. This month we had a lot of fun identifying the best vector tutorials, freebies, and articles. Please take a moment and review some of the best vector content from around the web for the month of June.Read More…
  • Code
    ActionScript 3.0 WYSIWYG Text EditorPreview
    Hey guys, this is an ActionScript 3.0 WYSIGYG text editor. It loads all of the fonts from your system, includes color-changing, adding links, bold, italic, underline, alignment, and font size. It's a complete OOP Class, with Event Listeners built in and ready to go! (Unlimited use).Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Mold Paint Splatter to a Face in Photoshop - Screencast272 paint splat
    "In this tutorial, we'll learn how to take splattered paint Photoshop brushes and apply them to the contours of a model's face. This is a relatively simple technique, which yields excellent artistic results. Let's get to it!" Justin Van GenderenRead More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Cute Vector Penguin FreebiePenguin200
    File Type: EPS (compatible with AI8)License: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…
  • Code
    30 Exceptional Web Designs200x200
    I've compiled a list of 30 exceptional web page designs for your inspiration. Most of these are relatively new; so they'll hopefully give you some ideas for your next project! Enjoy! Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Create a Fantasy Atmosphere Style Car AdPreview
    The initial concept was the creation of an 'atmosphere' - a background for the car. Using images and some painting techniques over that images I made a fantasy scene. This tutorial will explain some of those techniques and how various Photoshop tools work. Let's get started!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    How to Draw A Realistic Vector Light Bulb From ScratchPreview
    In this tutorial, I'm going to show you how I build a light bulb from scratch in Illustrator. We'll use numerous shapes and effects to create this illustration. I'll take you through each step in creating this bulb. Let's get started!Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create an Effect Inspired by the Bourne Ultimatum End Credits SequenceThumb2
    In a very clever use of Trapcode Particular, this tutorial shows us how to create an effect that is inspired by the Bourne Ultimatum end credits sequence.Read More…
  • Code
    Develop an OOP Drop Down Menu Using ActionScript 3.0 DocumentsPreview
    In this, my first tutorial for Flashtuts+, I'll quickly explain how to create an object oriented drop down menu. We'll use ActionScript 3.0 and pull all the necessary data from an xml file. The resulting menu can be used in any flash file without needing recoding.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with the Founder of Envato, Collis Ta'eedPreview
    Collis Ta'eed founded a little company called Envato back in 2006, and three years later it has flourished into a corporation with 18 extremely successful subsidiaries that employ writers and designers from all over the world. Its diversity ranges from tutorial blogs covering almost every topic in the design world, to successful marketplaces that provide you with all the design materials you will ever need. With the entrepreneurial genius of Collis and assistance from his talented staff, they have turned Envato into a giant in the world of design that acquires at least 11 million hits a month across it's network of sites. Now pose those burning questions you have always wanted to ask Collis today!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Seamless Vector Patterns Premium Pack - Botanical PopPreview
    We have a new set of seamless vector patterns available exclusively for Vector Premium members. These are great for using in your work, adding to your blog background design, or twitter page. There are numerous plants, flowers, and pop elements making up each design of this set. You can use them in your next project to add a bit of happy, organic, vector goodness! Learn more at the jump!Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    Interview with Vlad GerasimovPreview
    I'm sure some of you might have heard his name, seen his awesome wallpapers, or are already using one of them. Psdtuts+ is pleased to bring you an interview with this digital artist, Vlad Gerasimov, who is from Irkutsk, Russia. He runs Vladstudio which specializes in creating wallpapers for computers and mobile devices. In this interview, Vlad shares with us his humble beginnings as a designer and how he got started with creating wallpapers as full-time self-employment. He also shares his ideas, inspirations, and future plans. Vlad has a unique style of illustration, with simple lines and shapes. His work has great themes, which promises to win the hearts of viewers and make them happy! So let's move on to have a digital chat with him!Read More…