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    VECTORTUTS Exclusive FreebiesPreview
    With the new theme and updated version of VECTORTUTS came new sections to the site. One of these sections is the Freebies area. You can find all sorts of vector freebies in this new section of the site, also we are adding exclusive freebies there as well. Download some and have fun!Read More…
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    Photoshop Version: CSSize: 1700px by 1700pxLicense: Creative Commons LicenseRead More…
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    Useful Applications for the Clone Stamp ToolPreview
    Maybe the Clone Stamp Tool is one of the most known tools in Photoshop, but have you ever wondered: what else can I do with the cloning stamp than duplicating pixels and hiding objects? These two short tutorials will show you some new uses for this wonderful tool.Read More…
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    An Interview With Harley Alexander200x200
    When I was fifteen, I was an awkward skinny kid whose voice switched octaves seemingly at random. I was the type of kid who turned bright red even when a girl would say hello. That was me; Now meet Harley Alexander. At only fifteen years old, Harley has accumulated an unprecedented amount of knowledge. While the rest of us, at that age, considered the day to be well spent if we got thirty minutes of actual work done, Harley has raised the bar to an extremely high mark. "How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer" co-author at 15? Is that crazy? How did he do it? Read More…
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    60 Free Vector Graphics for Digital Art ProsVectorprev
    There's plenty of free vector art out there, but most of it shouldn't be seen in public, let alone on your latest digital art masterpiece. Here are 60 completely free vector graphics that even the professionals use. They really should cost money, but we're not complaining!Read More…
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    30 Ultra High-end Photoshop TutorialsHighend prev
    Ever drooled over the artwork created by Photoshop masters like Nik Ainley and Greg Martin? Drool no longer, because with the help of these 30 tutorials you can create high-end digital artworks and effects to rival any Photoshop legend.Read More…
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    5 All-Time-Classic Albums That Critics DespisedPinkerton prev
    As much as people like to deny it, there is something about a negative album review that can sway the public consciousness. A bad review in the right publication can seal an album's fate as a bargain bin throwaway before it even has a chance. Often times, the harsh criticism is more than warranted. Not everything can be a gem. But every once in awhile, the critics get it wrong. Horribly, horribly wrong. For example...Read More…
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    AUDIOTUTS Makeover and Community Ideas?Audiotuts
    It's been four months since AUDIOTUTS hit the ol' interweb and I'm happy today to announce it now has a new skin, inline with our updated TUTS theme that you might have spotted on sister sites PSDTUTS, NETTUTS and VECTORTUTS. Though four months doesn't seem like a long time, AUDIOTUTS has been making great progress as a site with over 100 articles and tutorials, 10 appearances on the Digg homepage and a good three quarters of a million visitors since its inception!Read More…
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    Teru's Keys Loop PackKeys
    Number of samples: 6Audio format: WAVGenre: MultiRead More…
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    Wrecked Industrial BeatsWrecked
    Number of loops: 17Audio format: WAVGenre: Industrial/Industrial MetalRead More…
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    Using Reason As A Live Synth Part 2Livesynth2
    This video outlines the 2nd of 2 techniques for using Reason as a live softsynth.Read More…
  • Music & Audio
    Using Reason As A Live Synth Part 1Livesynth1
    This video outlines the 1st of 2 techniques for using Reason as a live softsynth.Read More…