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    10 Awesome Gradient Mesh Tutorials on VECTORTUTSPreview
    The Gradient Mesh Tool is an unusual and powerful part of Illustrator you can take advantage of. It takes some time to understand how to use it and apply it in your artwork. It is fairly easy to apply it to small shapes, as a couple of the tutorials below do. Now if you want to take your gradient meshing skills to the next level, then you'll need to practice. Following is a great collection of mesh tutorials for you to advance your skills with.Read More…
  • Design & Illustration
    20+ Sources of Dynamic Smoke InspirationPreview
    In graphic design and photography, smoke is capable of producing dramatic and powerful effects. In modern design digital smoke is frequently combined with lighting effects to create stunning work. In this post we'll take a look at more than twenty sources of smoke-related inspiration and resources that can be used in your own design work.Read More…
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    Interview with Cristiano Siqueira, AKA CrisvectorCrisvectorthumbnail
    Cristiano Siqueira who is also popularly known as Crisvector is a a highly acclaimed Brazilian designer and illustrator. He specializes in digital and vector illustrations. After some years of working as a graphic designer and art director, in 2005, he started to work full time as freelancer, creating illustrations for advertising, publishing and print design. His illustrations are a style statement on there own and are a great source of inspiration.Read More…
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    Hi-Res Texture PackPreview
    File Type: JPGSize: 6699 px by 7932 pxLicense: Creative Commons AttributionRead More…
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    How to Quickly Create a Stylish Retro Text Effect ScreencastRetro
    "In this tutorial we will be designing a cool retro text effect, which is growing more and more popular in today's design. Today you will learn how to use the Perspective tool to create depth and how designers can use default gradients in unusual ways!" - ArikRead More…
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    How to Integrate 3D Images into Dynamic ScenesPreview
    As the medium of photo manipulation becomes more popular among digital artists, we have to continue to explore new and innovative ways to make our work stand out from the crowd. In this tutorial, we'll look at one of them. Usually photo manipulation utilizes stock imagery. However, what if you were to create your own sort of background stock, but in 3D? How could you make it look good? That is the main topic we'll look at today.Read More…
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    Create the First Page of a Fairy Tale Story Book, with a Hint of KitschPreview
    Once upon a time there was a tutorial. A tutorial which told of magical and enchanting ways to create Fairy Tale pages in Adobe Illustrator. Are you sitting comfortably? Then we'll begin...Read More…
  • Code
    An Interview with Dion Almaer200x200
    Dion Almaer, a British expat living in Silicon Valley, tries to build user experiences that developers care about at Mozilla in a role that allows him to think about making life easier for Open Web developers."I believe that the Open Web is not just the best platform ever to have been created, but that it is just the beginning. It will eclipse proprietary platforms and the world of the desktop and Web will merge. For the first time in history, the developers will control the platform instead of one company." Read More…
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    Nettuts+ Screencast Competition!Screencast
    Those of you who have come to know me have probably noticed that I'm a big fan of video training. Personally, I'm a visual learner and can extract much more from an easy to understand screencast as opposed to the written word. Considering this, I've decided to launch our first ever screencast competition! Read More…
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    Slice and Dice that PSD200x200
    In today's video tutorial, we'll be slicing up a PSD, dicing it for the web, and serving it on a warm hot plate. Our design sports a neat "Web 2.0" feel and comes courtesy of Joefrey from Be sure to visit his profile if you have the chance. Read More…
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    10 Tips for Effective Icon DesignIcon prev
    Translating the 'iconic' features of an object into something that is metaphorically meaningful and instantly recognizable is no easy task -- particularly when the design needs to be as effective at 48x48 pixels as it is at 256x256! A memorable and functional icon is beautiful, iconic, meaningful and functional. Here are ten wise tips on how to create outstanding icons.Read More…
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    40 Brilliantly Photoshopped Print AdsPs ads prev
    Even people who hate ads won't be able to hate these: they're beautiful, clever, hilarious, unique and uber-cool, all with the help of a little program called Adobe Photoshop.Read More…