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  • Web Design

    Get Going with Google AdWords

    Rockable Press88 Pages
    In Get Going with Google AdWords, author Chandler Nguyen introduces you to the AdWords phenomenon, and will help you get started with setting up simple, water-tight campaigns to promote your blog, website or business. Find out why and how so many people are using Google AdWords to help them get the results they want!
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  • Business

    Successful Facebook Marketing

    Rockable Press140 Pages
    Whether you’re trying to build your personal business, build your personal brand, sell your product or forge your community, Successful Facebook Marketing helps you get results! You’ll learn how to make an impressive Facebook page and find out how Facebook can lead to a huge source of traffic, sales and clients that most people don’t even know about.
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  • Code

    How to Be a Rockstar WordPress Designer 2

    Rockable Press150 Pages
    Want to take your WordPress theme designs to the next level? Rockstar WordPress Designer 2 picks up where the original Rockstar WordPress Designer left off and teaches you the advanced tools for WordPress mastery! Rohan Mehta translates his extensive experience as a WordPress developer into a straight-forward, practical guide to advanced WordPress features like custom post types, widgets, and more.
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  • Code

    Theme Tumblr Like a Pro

    Rockable Press137 Pages
    In Theme Tumblr Like a Pro, Nettuts+ editor Jeffrey Way will teach you everything you need to start making powerful Tumblr themes while maintaining the platform's core principle: simplicity. Tumblr's ease of use and streamlined approach has made it one of the web's fastest growing blog platforms. This book includes a completed Tumblr theme and all the asset files you need to build your own version of the theme as you progress through the book.
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  • Code

    Getting Good with Git

    Rockable Press101 Pages
    In Getting Good With Git, Nettuts+ author Andrew Burgess will guide you through the sometimes-scary waters of source code management with Git, the fast version control system. Git's speed, efficiency, and ease-of-use have made it the popular choice in the world of source code managers. In this book, Andrew Burgess will take you from knowing nothing about source code management to being able to use Git proficiently. You'll look at why you should use a version control system, why Git is better than the other options, and how to set up and use Git. This book covers some of the advanced features of Git, and includes an appendix of other resources that will take your Git knowledge to the next level. We'll even get to know GitHub!
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