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What is Angular? Or, more importantly, what is different about it, compared to competing JavaScript frameworks, and why should you care?

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Hola, I'm Tom Ashworth. I'm a developer and maker of useful, usable things. I work at LeftLogic in Brighton. I refuse to specialise in any particular area, although I write Javascript pretty much all day, and I love it. Over the last 5 or 6 years I've built and deployed apps running PHP & MySQL (boo), Node & Express (yay), Ruby & Sinatra (ooh), and vanilla Javascript (yum), jQuery plugins, a PHP API library, an MVC framework, HTML5 Canvas games, the friend finder and the cross-poster for app.net and a helluva lot more. Much of it is on Github. I've also worked at an oak furniture company, in a pub, as a musician and as a DJ. I write & play music as much as I can, playing drums, piano, tuba, bass guitar and anything else I can hit, strum or otherwise coax sound out of. I've been known to sing too.
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