Zachary Oconnor
Hello everyone, my name is Zachary O'Connor. I'm 18 years old and from Australia, studying interactive media (majoring in Graphic Design) at college. I became hooked on graphics in general in 2009 starting off with basics in Photoshop, after about a year I was introduced into Cinema 4D and have been using it ever since. A saying that I like to keep in the back of my head when trying to make a nice piece of work in any software package is "achievers never quit and quitters never achieve".
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    C4D: Interior Glass EffectThumb
    In today's tutorial new author Zachary O'Conner will be showing us how to create a glass effect in Cinema4D, using a method of rendering typically used for interiors to give it a nice finished look. In this particular tutorial we'll use some text in a basic room to show off the effect, yet it can really be used on anything at all. The lighting is really quite simple to setup, as this tutorial is aimed at the beginner crowd.Read More…