Zach Sutton
Zach Sutton is a freelance commercial photographer and writer from Albuquerque, NM. Aside from writing technical and creative articles about photography, Zach also teaches workshops and gives lectures on the art of photography. When not writing or taking photos, you can usually find Zach at coffee shops, complaining about how much money he spends on coffee.
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    Quick Tip: How to Take Great Portrait Photos at Night6417 final pre
    Through my career as a photographer, I've been to many strange places at even stranger hours of the night—or should I say morning? In this tutorial, I'm going to give you some tips on how to make the most of the witching hour and take beautiful nighttime portraits. 

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    4 Alternative Camera Strap SystemsCamerastrap zs pre
    Aftermarket camera straps have been available for a long time, however, poor quality and unnecessary features have made market options difficult for users looking to purchase a strap. Beyond your stock camera strap, the choices available were limited to leather, neoprene and canvas “fashion” straps. None of these options did much to help distribute the weight of a larger camera body and a 70-200 mm f/2.8 lens hanging around your neck. Modern options have changed things up, and the results are great!Read More…
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    10 Things You Didn't Know About Your CameraBracketing 7d image pre
    As digital SLR cameras become more and more popular, features that used to reserved for professionals are now available to everyone. More and more technology is being squeezed into our cameras. You don't need to use every feature on your camera for every photo, but when you're struggling with a certain effect or situation, chances are there's a setting or mode that can make your job a lot easier. Here's ten examples of helpful features you might not know about!Read More…
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    A Quick Start Guide to 6 Specialty LensesPhoto
    Often, lenses in the photography community are similar in design. Each brand has similar focal length ranges and speeds for their popular lenses (all major brands make a 24-70mm and 70-200mm for example). However, many lenses are also specialized, with features such as macro and tilt shift. Here is a breakdown of seven of these lenses and their practical purposes.Read More…
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    The Super Beginner's Guide to LightroomPreview lrbeginguide lg
    Lightroom is a program developed by Adobe that allows you to organize, cull, and edit your photos with ease. Lightroom allows you to have many powerful tools within clicking distance of your mouse or tablet. With the help of this guide, you'll be able to jump straight into the program and start working.Read More…
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    Capturing Masterful, Modern HeadshotsHeadshot zs prelg
    Headshot photography is hard work, and there is a reason why celebrities, actors, politicians and business people will pay hundreds, if not thousands, of dollars to get a great photograph of their face. Often, you'll find that most headshot work will involve similar lighting, so what makes the Martin Schoeller's and Peter Hurley's stand out so much? That's what we'll explore today.Read More…
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    Using Instagram in the Professional WorldInstragrampreview prelg2
    Is Instagram destroying the value of the photography industry? This free little app has some photographers convinced it is, while others believe its enabling your work to be seen by a whole new community. I’m here to weigh the pros and cons on each side, to see if Instagram is a blessing or a curse.Read More…
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    How to Sell Your Used Photography EquipmentSellyourgear prelg
    It's called "Gear Acquisition Syndrome," and photographers all over the world are being diagnosed with it. It's a disease, that effects us all at one point or another, and causes us to desire new and upgraded camera bodies, lenses, lights, and other various piece of gear. So when you get the bug, what do you do with your old gear? In this tutorial, I'll try to help you get the most out of selling your used gear.Read More…
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    How to Shoot Pizza So It Looks Good Instead of GrossPizzazach07 prelg
    It's often said that the best photographs evoke emotion. If this is the case, what could possibly make me more emotional than an image of a pizza that's been lovingly handcrafted to mouthwatering perfection? Unfortunately, I found out the answer to this question first hand when I was hired by a local pizzeria. To my heartbreak, I was getting paid to photograph it, not to eat it.Read More…