Yagiz Gurgul
I'm a Flash Platform Developer. I usually work on AIR and Flash. And I'm also a good snowboarder :)
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    Building a 3D Business Card With Pure AS3Preview
    In this tutorial we'll build a 3D business card. We won't use Away3D, Alternativa, Yogurt3D, Sandy3D, Papervision3D or any other 3D engine built for Flash. We'll use only the 3D features of Flash Player 10.Read More…
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    Render a Funky Sound Visualizer with Away3D200x200
    In this tutorial I'll walk you through building a 3D compute spectrum. We'll use Away3D for the 3D Engine and make use of a sample song from the Envato asset library.Read More…
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    Throwing Dice With the Jiglib Physics Engine and Away3D200x200
    In this tutorial we'll build a box which we can throw dice into. To do this we'll use Away3D as the 3D engine and Jiglib as the physics engine. Let's get stuck in..Read More…
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    Improve Your Memory With an Away3D Game200x200
    In this tutorial we'll build a 3D memory game. Along the way we'll look at adding variables and mouseEvents to Away3D objects. Let's get started..Read More…