William Herring
William Herring (twitter.com/williamherring) has been involved in mobile apps since 2008. In the past he's worked with developers to create and market utility, entertainment, and social apps. Currently, William is involved in two startups (one in mobile) and during his free time he lends his talents as a freelance marketing consultant.
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    Mobile Experience Design Strategy - CASCADE SFVideo post
    In this video spotlight, Luke Wroblewski talks about user experience design. Using both statistical and real-world examples, Luke makes the case for embracing a "mobile first" design strategy and he shows how innovations in mobile design can positively impact the desktop experience as well. If you're interested in creating engaging mobile experiences, watch this video!Read More…
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    Better Apps By DesignPreview
    Most mobile apps are missing that extra bit of design detail that could help them stand out from the App Store crowd. While there is no replacement for having a talented designer polish your app's pixels for hours on end, the purpose of this series is to teach those with limited Photoshop experience and a low-to-no budget how to make apps that shine!Read More…
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    Mobile Marketing: The Three Pillars of a Successful AppMarketing quicktip preview
    If your idea of success is creating a solid product and taking user data to continue the evolution of that product, then this article is for you! Since 2008 I've been involved in the iOS ecosystem. I've spent countless hours reading books and studying successful companies and apps. Below is the most important information I've gathered during my studies.Read More…
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    Learn iOS Game Development By Example: 10 Projects to Get You StartedIphone sdk game development learn by example
    Interested in mobile game development? This list of 10 open-source, iOS game projects available on GitHub will help get you started! The projects compiled in this list range from clones of classic games like Pong and Connect Four to apps that are very similar to those that have recently topped App Store charts. There's nothing quite like learning by example, so let's get started!Read More…
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    What Every iOS Developer Should Know About WWDC 2011Preview
    As those of you in the iOS development community likely know, WWDC 2011 is winding to a close today. Despite Apple not releasing a new iPhone as many anticipated, the keynote was far from a disappointment. This year, WWDC was all about software and empowering the iOS development community. While much of the event’s publicity so far has focused on the negative impact the latest release will have on existing iOS applications, this post will take a different approach and highlight the many iOS 5 features that every iOS developer should be excited about.Read More…
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    Developer Interview: Jonathan George of BoxcarIphone interview boxcar jonathan george logo
    Jonathan George has received praise from MG Siegler of TechCrunch and hate mail from numerous iPhone app pirates. This 27 year old developer is the creator of Boxcar, an iPhone application that uses push notifications to send information you want to receive to your phone. He openly admits that his first three apps were swings and misses, but with Boxcar he has undoubtably hit a home run. Garnering praise and multiple appearances on several leading tech blogs, Boxcar has proven that it is a top iPhone application, and, according to Jonathan, it may soon be a top Blackberry, Android, and Windows Phone 7 app.Read More…
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    iPhone SDK: 8 Valuable Developer Tools and ServicesIphone8tools preview2
    iPhone developers stand to benefit tremendously from finding tools and services that will make the development process as efficient, fun, and profitable as possible. The eight tools in this article cover a range of developer needs, from analytics and monitoring tools to In-App Purchase and Push Notification services. All provide the opportunity to increase productivity and add end-user value -without reinventing the wheel.Read More…
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    Developer Interview: Gavin Bowman of RetroDreamerGavinbowman
    Gavin Bowman is an experienced programmer from England who now resides in the United States. He is the co-founder of game development company Retro Dreamer. Gavin and his partner Craig Sharpe are the creators of the iPhone game Sneezies, a popular chain reaction game that is both fun an addicting.Read More…
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    App Marketing Quick Tip: Beating the Odds and Winning the iPhone LotteryBillion apps
    We've all seen the story on Gizmodo, TechCrunch or some other blog: developer creates iPhone app, makes $300,000 in six weeks, and quits his day job. These stories are the ones that have driven many developers into the modern day gold rush: iPhone app development. With so many apps competing for the attention of the platforms users, developers are now creating apps and crossing their fingers. Their goal? To make it into the Top 100, where millions of users will see their app for free, and they can soon ride the waves of cash that will surely come in.Read More…