Wes McDowell
Wes McDowell is the principal and lead designer at The Deep End design studio in Los Angeles. In addition to working with clients, he also co-hosts a popular podcast, called "The Deeply Graphic DesignCast," which covers all of the topics that are important to designers.
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    Working with Clients (and Getting Paid!)

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    The Art of the Graphic Design Leave BehindThe art graphic design leave behind
    The graphic designer leave behind has, ironically, been left behind in recent years. Its something that is heavily focused on in design school, but rarely is it put into practice in the real world. I think that's a shame. If you made a good impression on your potential client or interviewer, the leave-behind is such a great opportunity to make that impression last. When done right, leaving something tangible behind will help keep you top-of-mind, which will increase your chances of landing the job.Read More…