Wayne Helman
Wayne Helman is the founder and President of digital agency A51 Integrated. He has been developing web technologies since the early 90's and lives in Toronto, drowning in pink, with his 3 girls. Follow him on Twitter or Quora.
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    Quick Tip: Ever Thought About Using @Font-face for Icons?200x200
    The evolution of Internet technologies never ceases to amaze. Seemingly daily, new concepts and techniques are being thought up by creative and talented people. With modern browsers being adopted at a greater rate, systems like CSS3 are becoming more and more viable for use on projects of all sizes. Clearly, this can be seen by looking at new services sprouting on-line like TypeKit. Conceptually, if we deconstruct a font down to it's basic elements, we can make use of this technology for things other than type, icons.Read More…