Vangelis Gaitatzis
Working for the best 20 years of my professional life at the printing industry as a graphic designer in various positions, gave me an insider’s knowledge of how things have to be done; I climbed from office assistant all the way to chief designer. In my career I worked different types of imagesetters and film processors, as well as various brands of plates with different lpi values.
  • Design & Illustration
    Business Card Design and Prepress Preparation in CorelDRAW - a Technical GuidePreview
    CorelDRAW is considered top, both for vector editing and prepress solutions. Its unique capabilities exceed the typical vector designing software, places it deep in the heart of the user who tried it and understands it. In this article I will not discuss the ease you can use VBA with, nor the multi-page capabilities that makes it an excellent DTP software. We won't even talk about the pioneering concept of adding a mail-merge sub to a design program, to allow you to auto-numbering forms all the way to change the details of a company's cards for each one of the employees with almost no effort, almost a decade ago. We are going to talk about is the page and layout setup, as well as the very sophisticated pagination system inside the printing environment. And we are going to do that step by step, while working on a two sided business card with a map.Read More…