Vaibhav Kotak
I’m an amateur with great interest in 3D modeling and animation. I’m currently trying to generate a portfolio and finish school while learning a few programs on my own.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Multi-Pass Rendering With C4D & AEThumb
    Rendering, probably the most boring (but apprehensive) part of working in 3d. As we all know, sometimes renders can take an eternity to finish. One simple mistake or a wish to make a minute adjustment can force you to re-render your scene and make you re-live eternity. That’s why most people use compositing software to make changes or fix petty things. However, a very powerful technique needs to be used to ensure that the compositor’s life isn’t hell while working on a scene, and to unleash the true power of compositing: Multi-pass rendering. And that’s what we’ll discuss today.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Quick Tip: C4D Power Of PresetsThumb n
    In today’s quick tip, new Cgtuts+ author Vaibhav Kotak will show you how to obtain access to the presets and examples inside Cinema4D using the content browser and some important things you should always keep in mind when going through projects and presets. In any program, presets are a huge asset. You can use presets to speed up your workflow if you already are an efficient user of the program you are working with, but more importantly, beginners can analyze presets to figure out how the effect was achieved.Read More…