Tyler Vanbrocklin
I live in Washington State, the evergreen state. I have a passion for sharing the knowledge I know, when it comes to anything really. I have strong teaching skills. I know Lua, C#, C++, and Robot C.
  • Game Development
    How to Learn Roblox and Roblox StudioHow to learn roblox
    Roblox is a free 3D gaming website - the twist is, the users build the games! It's designed for beginners: there's no need to use Photoshop or specialist 3D modelling software; everything can be done with the free Roblox Studio software, which is available for Mac and PC. In this article, I'll explain why I think Roblox is a great platform for budding game designers, and share the best plugins, tutorials, and screencasts for getting started.Read More…