Tyler Seitz
  • Game Development
    Picking a Color Palette for Your Game's ArtworkPreview palette 01
    In this tutorial, we'll look at what color palettes are, tools for choosing colors that go together, and the secret to picking a perfect color scheme for our games!Read More…
  • Code
    Generating Ghosts That Follow in Your FootstepsPreview
    Path following is a simple concept to grasp: the object moves from point A to point B to point C, and so on. But what if we want our object to follow the path of the player, like ghosts in racing games? In this tutorial, I'll show you how to achieve this with waypoints in AS3.Read More…
  • Code
    Animating Game Menus and Screen Transitions in HTML5: A Guide for Flash DevelopersSimplemenuhtml5
    HTML5 and Flash development may have a lot in common, but as a Flash developer I've still found it to be a monumental task to re-learn my old skills in HTML5. In this tutorial, I'll show you how I created an animated menu and screen transition for an HTML5 shoot-'em-up game.Read More…
  • Code
    Create Flash Screen Transition Effects Entirely With CodePreview
    Flash games are very much the bread and butter of indie pop-nerd culture. If you consider the slices of bread the menu and the game itself, what is left? The butter - the very substance that makes the bread taste that much more delicious. And in terms of a Flash game, what comes in between menus and games are the transitions!Read More…
  • Code
    Build an Active Flash Game Menu: The BouncePreview
    First impressions are very important on a Flash game portal; if your game doesn't grab the player in the first few seconds, they've got plenty of other games to choose from. As the menu is the first point of interface, anything you can do to make it less dull will help. In this tutorial we will create a menu that incorporates swapping depth, smooth roll over effects, and two different transition designs.Read More…
  • Code
    Circular Motion in AS3: Make One Moving Object Orbit AnotherPreview
    Having one object orbit another is a movement mechanic that's been used since the early gaming era, and it remains handy to this very day! In this Quick Tip we will explore the mathematical function for orbiting, see how to modify it, and look at practical uses in actual game design.Read More…
  • Code
    Build an Active Flash Game Menu: SlidesPreview
    Stop using static menus! Most players immediately base their initial impression of a Flash game on the menu that they see when they load it. Stand out from the crowd with an active menu! This tutorial was first posted in December 2011, but has since been updated with extra steps that explain how to make the code more flexible!Read More…
  • Code
    Build a Dynamic Flash Game Menu: The AccordionPreview
    When a user first opens up a Flash game, their initial impression is based upon the menu that they see. Unfortunately, many games' menus are dull, plain and static. This is terrible news! A lot of players will just close the game before even playing it, and move on to another. Don't let this happen to you!Read More…