Tudor Munteanu
Co-founder of Odeon (www.od-eon.com), specialized in UI for very advanced content management and social networks. I’ve been working on both server-side and client-side coding for as long as I remember. Equipped with my trusty Mac and a hefty load of curiosity, I fight a daily battle with lines of code, product development, all resulting in great fun. Mobile platforms, on top of the trending topic, fascinate me because they bring the user experience to a new level.
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    iPhone SDK: Learning About Touch Events & Basic Game AnimationPreview
    One of most common actions used for an iPhone or iPad application is the touch event. An event is not useful if it doesn’t trigger a meaningful action. This tutorial covers how to attach a touch event to a custom button and how to trigger the animation of an object. In the end, the result is a simple on-screen game controller, which can be extended to the limits of your imagination.Read More…