Tudor Jelescu
With over 20 years of experience in production and post production both in the US and Europe, Tudor "Ted" Jelescu has an ever increasing collection of hats he had to wear over time. VFX artist, Special Effects Director, Producer, Creative Director, and Graphic Designer to name a few. From music videos to independent film, concert graphics to commercials, corporate presentations to advertising campaigns, the path was never dull. It really started longer than 20 years ago, with pen and paper, and continued with architectural studies, film, photography and electronic media degrees, an apprenticeship in vxf and motion graphics at Cutters in Chicago, and many nights spent in the office replicating what the masters did during the day. Ten years of Creative Direction and over 200 advertising campaigns, together with many challenging vfx projects, where spent in Bucharest, Romania. At the present time, the fjords of Norway inspire him to push the envelope with the new generation 3d plugins for After Effects, actively provide guidance for artists all over the world and just have a lot of fun with the craft.
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Aetuts+ Plug-in Review: ShapeShifter AE vs Invigorator ProReviewssaevsinvigthumb
    This is a detailed video review of ShapeShifter AE from Mettle and Invigorator Pro from Zaxwerks. The review is meant to clarify the strengths, differences, and unique features of each plug-in.Read More…
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Create A Displacement Map Water ReplacementThumb
    Tudor "Ted" Jelescu explains how FreeForm Pro can be used to create animated Water in After Effects, and how the Aqua Pack enhancement pack can be used to replace water in a still image. The tutorial has 3 parts: Animated Displacement Map and Water Texture in FreeForm Pro, Water Replacement using The Aqua Pack for FreeForm Pro, and Title creation Using ShapeShifter AE and Cinematic Look.Read More…