Troy Peterson
I'm a WordPress / PHP developer based in Duluth Minnesota, with a B.F.A. in Graphic Design from the University of Minnesota Duluth. I've been an independent developer for about 2yrs now and previously worked for 7yrs as the Web Operations Manager for a B2B publishing company. I'm a huge advocate of using WordPress as a CMS and use it (almost) exclusively for the sites I develop. Anything from the simplest 3 page site to large commerce sites, I always grab a copy of the latest.tar.gz. In addition to developing for WordPress, I've also spoke at local colleges and organizations providing training and presentations for using WordPress as a CMS and developing themes for WordPress.
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    Organizing and Naming Your Themes' Template Files for Clarity and ConveniencePreview
    Whether you’re creating a WordPress theme for sale, for a client, or for your own site, having a good naming structure and taxonomy for your theme files is important. It not only helps you keep your site files clean and organized for yourself, but provides a quick reference for other developers who may be viewing the files for the first time.Read More…
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    Re-Use Common Elements the Easy Way with Wordpress's get_template_part() FunctionPuzzle pieces
    Reusing code is one of the strengths of modern coding techniques. It simplifies your theme files and speeds up the development process by not having to constantly rewrite code. WordPress has a few standard includes built in, such as get_header(), get_footer(), and get_sidebar(). However, since WordPress 3.0 you can easily create your own custom includes using the get_template_part() function.Read More…