Trevor Pierce
I have been a designer in one form or another for 10 years. I started in print design, first for a small daily newspaper, then as a senior designer at Texas Tech University. After that I jumped to interaction and data design, spending the last five and a half years in the financial sector. I now work in the transit sector as a user experience designer, and front-end web developer.
  • Web Design
    Stir up Your Own Delicious Sass MixinsMix preview
    Sass is designed to help write CSS faster; mixins are of the features that make it possible. Several heavyweight libraries exist with complex formulas for every situation, but today I’m going to show how to stir up your own mixins that complement existing workflows.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Quick and Easy Interactive Wireframes with BootstrapPreview
    Web design is an evolving profession. While a keen eye for color, typography, and layout will always be important, these skills are being trumped by a need to understand user motivations. It isn't enough to build a site and wait for traffic to roll in — sites must help users achieve their goals, with a minimum of cognitive friction. Bootstrap can help web professionals define these goals, and create a killer experience, too.Read More…