Toran Billups
Toran Billups is a Senior Software Engineer at IMT Computer Services, a small software company in West Des Moines, Iowa. When he isn't pair programming on the greatest Python team in the Midwest, you can find him evangelizing Ember.js or teaching Python to 5th graders. Toran has been an active member of the Des Moines Python community for the past two years, where he frequently talks about testing and building modern web applications with Django. He also organizes the Des Moines JavaScript user group, where he encourages others to embrace their inner front-end engineer.
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    Ember.js TestingEmber components retina preview
    When I started playing around with Ember.js almost a year ago, the testability story left something to be desired. You could unit test an object without any trouble, but a unit test is only one way to get feedback when you're building a software product. In addition to unit tests, I wanted a way to verify the integration of multiple components. So like most people testing rich JavaScript applications, I reached for the mother of all testing tools, Selenium.Read More…