Topher Welsh
Topher Welsh is a post production artist working mainly in the fields of motion graphics and visual effects. He is a freelancer out of Tacoma, Washington, and also runs, which provides a daily fix of tutorials from any and all applications in the visual effects industry. His personal website is found here:
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    36 Studio Reels That Will Knock Your Socks OffThumb
    No literally they will. I watched the list straight through, and then my fee were bare... wierd. Anywho, these are reels from some of the best, hardest working studios in the industry, and although I couldn't get all that I wanted in this time... well, lets just say I see this being an awesome continuing series. Read More…
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    31 Absolutely Spectacular VFX BreakdownsThumb
    I say it time and time again, these are seriously some of my favorite roundups to do. Watching these amazing making ofs, behind the scenes content, and VFX breakdowns really give you a look into how a shot was made, or what really goes into a production. You can take a lot away from just seeing a couple of shot breakdowns... so check em out!Read More…
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    29 Facebook Pages That You Should Already "Like"Thumb
    For a lot of us, Facebook, like Twitter, is a part of our every day lives. We should be keeping tabs on our favorite sites, organizations and tutorial creators right? Check out this roundup of a ton of fan pages that you should "like" if you aren't already!Read More…
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    35 Stunning Interior RendersThumb
    In this web-roundup, Topher Welsh shares 35 of the best interior renders the web has to offer! Here's what he has to say : "I can only dream of someday living in a place as beautifully designed and with such perfectly poised furniture and decor as the homes in some of these images. Not only does a great interior render show just how well someone can model, but it also showcases their design sense and their eye for detail. I get jealous knowing that some people have the luxury of living in places like these!" Read More…
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    26 Videos Filled With Stop-Motion GoodnessThumb
    Whenever I see a stop-motion video, it never ceases to blow my mind when I think of the time, effort and skill that went into making it. They are probably the most tedious types of videos created, and sometimes they just don't get the recognition they deserve. I got you 26 videos to check out today, and make sure your explore a bit into some of these artists other videos on their channels. You will find a lot more that what is just in this list. Read More…
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    Items You Should Have For A Home Production StudioThumb
    If you are a freelancer like me, there are quite a few things that you need to have in your arsenal at home base to make your productions a bit easier. You might not have all these, but chances are you will want them. I'm gonna take you from Gaffer's Tape to Steadicams in this week's roundup.Read More…
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    41 MORE Killer Typography WorksThumb
    I know, I know, I am a day late, but I have quite a good reason... :) Thank you all for the well wishes, and since I love our readers so much, I was able to finish up this week's article just for you guys. It's another roundup of some amazing works of typographical art, that I really think that you are gonna like! You might see that I included one from the comments of last week, so if you have something that you think is worthy... stick it in the comments!Read More…
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    The Cgtuts+ E3 Games Roundup!Thumb
    Being in the CG realm of creativity, I know a lot of you are probably really into games, and probably even have worked on a few of them. I decided to make a nice list of a lot of the games mentioned or announced this past week at the E3 conference, so you can stay up to date, whether or not you followed it. Read More…
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    33 Awesome Typography PiecesThumb
    Ahh... another week, another roundup! This week were rockin some typography yet again. We have some truly inspirational pieces here in this article that I think you are going to really enjoy. Dig in! Read More…
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    21 Motion Graphics and Visual Effects User Groups and MeetupsThumb
    This is probably going to be an incomplete list, and I will say right up front that this can just be the beginning! There are groups everywhere discussing our favorite programs, places where we can geek out on animations, software, and technique, but a lot of us don't know about them even if they are right in our backyard. Today I am going to identify some of the user groups and meetups that I know about personally, as well as leave the comments open for you to add your own links to the groups I might not have mentioned!Read More…
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    26 Tracking and Matchmoving TutorialsThumb
    Man, its been over a year since the last tracking tutorial roundup. This time around were gonna check out all kinds of different tutorials for all tracking apps, whether or not they utilize After Effects or not. You might not have the apps, but a lot you can get Personal Learning Editions and trials from so make sure you check it out!Read More…
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    63 Handwritten FontsThumb
    You never know when an instance might pop up when you need to use some handwritten fonts in your productions... maybe a note Mocha-tracked to a fridge? Or possibly replacing the chalk text on a chalkboard? All of them are free to download so go nuts!Read More…