Toni Kukurin
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    An Analysis of Typography on the WebIntro
    Typography is one of the most—if not the most—important aspects of web design. Some would argue that it takes up to 95% of web design, so why do we often neglect its importance? The readers who come to your site will often decide whether or not to stay according to your typographic choices. After all, they came here to read in the first place. Think about it for a second: if content really is king, logically typography should be treated as the queen.Read More…
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    10 More Awesome Web Development Screencasts and PresentationsCamera
    Last year, around this time, we posted an enlightening list of twenty web development video screencasts from around the web. Today, the same tradition continues, a bit expanded with some presentations from the web world. Read More…
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    Switching to Chrome? Download these Extensions200x200
    When Chrome first entered the browser wars in September 2008, although it quickly acquired a big 1% of the audience, many resented the fact it wasn't as extensible as the long-time favorite Firefox browser. Developers want add-ons - things that'll make their coding faster and easier, with less room for mistakes. Things which, let's face it, Chrome couldn't yet offer. But things have since changed. Read More…