Tomislav Podhraski
I'm a game developer with a passion for programming and graphic techniques, while also dabbling in design from time to time. At the moment I'm working on a small team making games for mobile, desktop and web. You can find out exactly what at Just Pine Games.
  • Game Development
    How to Speed Up A* Pathfinding With the Jump Point Search AlgorithmPreview1
    Pathfinding is ubiquitous in games. So it's important to understand the implications which are present when using algorithms such as A*. In this tutorial we're going to cover a relatively new method for searching grid based worlds: Jump Point Search, which can speed up A* by orders of magnitude.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Create a Cozy, Snowy Night Scene Using Particle EffectsSnowy scene particle effects
    Particle effects are very common in games - it's hard to find a modern game that doesn't use them. In this tutorial we're going to take a look how to build a fairly complex particle engine and use it to create a fun snowy scene. Put your woolly hat on and let's begin.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Customizable Palettes Add Simple Variety to Your Game's Characters Preview1
    Image palettes have been used in computer graphics from the beginning and, even though they are rarely found in modern games, a certain class of problems would be practically impossible without them. In this tutorial we're going to build a MMO character designer for a 2D game using palettes, multi-texturing and shaders.Read More…
  • Game Development
    Create a Glowing, Flowing Lava River Using Bézier Curves and ShadersFigure%201%20 %20curve
    Most of the time, using conventional graphic techniques is the right way to go. Sometimes, though, experimentation and creativity at the fundamental levels of an effect can be beneficial to the style of the game, making it stand out more. In this tutorial I'm going to show you how to create an animated 2D lava river using Bézier curves, custom textured geometry and vertex shaders.Read More…