Tomas Sinkunas
Hello. I am Tomas Sinkunas from Lithuania. I am a self taught 2D animator (Adobe After Effects), and DVD-Authorer, (DVD Studio Pro), and have worked in the television industry for over 7 years now. I also do a lot TV talk show and concert editing with Final Cut Pro. My journey into the realm of 3D began 3 years ago, when I first discovered Cinema 4D and fell in love with it. Now, whenever I have a chance to integrate my 2D work with some 3D, I always fire-up this incredible piece of software and start "making a story". You can check out my personal portfolio site at:
  • 3D & Motion Graphics
    Animate a Dancing Ice Cream Bar in Cinema 4D and After EffectsIce%20cream
    In this 125 step monstrosity of a tutorial you will learn everything you need to know to make a dancing ice cream bar animation in Cinema 4D, and then composite it in After Effects. You will start off by modeling the Bar, making procedural textures for it, and creating a Soft IK rig with Cinema 4D. Then you will light the scene, set up cast shadow and AO passes, and export the final renders of the animation using batch rendering. Finally, you will bring it all into Adobe After Effects to compose the final sequences, add post blending effects, and create some simple text animations. Don't miss this one.'s HUGE!Read More…