Thomas Frank
Thomas Frank is a senior at Iowa State University studying business. He's a writer of college tips and a serious headphone afficionado. You can connect with him on Facebook or Twitter.
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    Activating Ludicrous Speed: Combine CloudFlare With a CDN on Your BlogPreview
    If you're trying to speed up your blog, you've probably used techniques such as optimizing your images, getting rid of unnecessary plugins and scripts, and minifying your CSS and JavaScript. However, optimizing the content on your local server can only go so far. The next step in the blog speed game is taking advantage of Content Delivery Networks (CDNs).Read More…
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    The Ultimate Guide to Implementing Facebook Comments on your BlogFblogo
    Using Facebook Comments on your blog offers your readers a way to instantaneously comment on posts, as well as to share them without having to do any work. If you think this type of commenting system will suit your audience, read on to find out how you can implement it the right way.Read More…