Thomas Cannon
Thomas Cannon is a writer who also happens to program and design for the web. His designs focus on visual practicality, and his methodology is based on creating appealing prototypes in a short timespan (since the design process is usually cut short during a tight development schedule). An interest in a broad range of topics has led Thomas to experiment with many forms of expression (from web design, to a 20 minute documentary on Copyright in the Digital Age. Thomas posts all of his work on his portfolio site: CodeMonkey Developer.
  • Web Design
    An Introduction to Color Theory for Web DesignersColor
    Today we're going to learn the importance of color in Web Design and how to choose a pleasing color scheme. This article is part of our Basix series, which is aimed at providing practical and concise explanations of design principles for those with little design experience... let's get started!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Is Color Calibration Necessary in Web Design?Colorful graffiti
    Color calibrating monitors is an issue that's existed in the design community for decades. But a recent Twitter debate between Amy Hoy, Peter Cooper, Thomas Fuchs, and Thijs van der Vossen about the subject raised a crucial question: is color calibration necessary in web design?Read More…
  • Web Design
    Using the 960 Grid System as a Design Framework960 webdesign framework
    The 960 Grid System has been around for a while now... but it's been mostly used on the coding side of projects as an HTML/CSS framework. Today, we're going to discuss the advantages of using grid systems like 960GS at the very start of a project, before you even open up Photoshop or Fireworks. If you haven't used a framework before, or you just want a good refresher, this is a great place to start!Read More…