Sven Lenaerts
I'm Sven. I'm a product designer available for hire. My intention is to bring every product I touch to the next level, for both users and businesses. Previous: Product manager at Fueled, clients including: HBO & Verizon.
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    Creative Block 101Creative block 101
    In the previous article, I described the creative thinking process. Sometimes this process isn't as easy as you might think; problems may arise during any one of the various phases. For example, it might be difficult to formulate the exact wishes of the client, or perhaps you just can't achieve that light bulb moment. Your inspiration stops and you don't know what to do. Fortunately, it's perfectly possible to understand why you're suffering creative block and to face it head on.Read More…
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    Understanding Creative ThinkingCreative thinking retina
    In this article I'll explain how we think during the process of being creative. This knowledge will help you understand creativity and will form a foundation in helping you understand why we have creative blocks and how we can combat them.Read More…
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    The Concept of CreativityCreativity retina
    Some people seem to learn a language effortlessly, others seem to be highly talented when it comes to sport. It's also possible for people to succeed at something, even if they're not especially gifted in that field. Sometimes it's simply a question of putting more effort in. The same goes for creativity.Read More…
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    Context Circles in Mobile DesignSven context circles preview retina
    The importance of user experience should never be underestimated when developing mobile applications. If an app fails to deliver during the first experience, the consequence is that you lose a customer. Context circles allow you to better understand customers and craft a more compelling design!Read More…
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    Designer, Dare to Experiment! Dare preview
    As designers, we often face the same kind of commissions. However, the internet and specifically websites have the power to be used as a creative and expressive medium. Looking at a website as an artistic medium will broaden your limits and encourage creativity. Ultimately, it will make you better in everyday commercial design.Read More…