Sven Lenaerts
I'm Sven. I'm a user experience expert and specialize in service design, customer journeys and conversion strategies. I work for Fueled as product manager. I also work as consultant.
  • Code
    Context Circles in Mobile DesignSven context circles preview retina
    The importance of user experience should never be underestimated when developing mobile applications. If an app fails to deliver during the first experience, the consequence is that you lose a customer. Context circles allow you to better understand customers and craft a more compelling design!Read More…
  • Web Design
    Designer, Dare to Experiment! Dare preview
    As designers, we often face the same kind of commissions. However, the internet and specifically websites have the power to be used as a creative and expressive medium. Looking at a website as an artistic medium will broaden your limits and encourage creativity. Ultimately, it will make you better in everyday commercial design.Read More…