Sven Lenaerts
I'm Sven. I create and improve digital products. I'm a user experience expert and specialize in product strategy. I work for Fueled and for you if you wish! My business is called Umber.
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    Flat Design and SkeuomorphismMobile design flat flat icon 2x
    The design topics of flat design and skeuomorphism have been widely discussed as of late, particularly with the beta release of iOS 7. Despite this fact, many people are still unaware of these terms and their meanings. Today, we'll explore some of the key features of flat design and how this design trend is different from skeuomorphism.Read More…
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    Designing a Meaningful Social Layer for Mobile ApplicationsSocial layer preview@2x
    Applications with social features have become the norm, but, as a designer, it's important that you question how these social features add value for the user. In this article, we'll explore how to improve an application by designing a meaningful social layer. Read More…
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    Making the Most of Your Student YearsExploit potential retina
    For any aspiring designer or developer, your student years are a time full of opportunities to develop your professional life. Why should you wait until you have a degree to become more professional in what you do? In this article, we'll explore how you can use your student time to give you a great start in a professional career. Even though this article is aimed at students specifically, any designer or developer could pick up a thing or two to improve their (budding) career.Read More…
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    Connecting Creativity and CommerceCreativity and commerce retina
    During previous articles, we've focused on being more creative, or overcoming obstacles which prevent you from being creative. Today, we're making the sometimes difficult connection between creativity and business.Read More…
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    Polishing up Your Creative ProcessPolish diamond retina
    Today we'll focus on increasing your creative capabilities through an introduction to a couple of creativity techniques. An important key issue to understand is that creativity techniques are not magic tools to increase your creativity as skill. Rather, they act as guides to help you find possible creative solutions for the problem you're up against.Read More…
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    Intellectual Creative BlockIntellectual retina
    Beating any form of creative block is difficult, but hopefully this creativity session has helped so far. Today, we'll conclude our coverage of creative block, discuss some creativity techniques and prepare ourselves for becoming more creative.Read More…
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    Creative Block: Environmental and EmotionalBricks retina
    In the previous article we discussed the meaning of creative block. We introduced the observational block and possible solutions for overcoming it. In this article, we'll introduce two more types of creative block; the environmental block and the emotional block. Understanding how these occur in reality is an important step in beating them.Read More…
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    Understanding Mobile as a Lean-back MediumMobile design leanback previewretina
    A common misunderstanding occurs when designers look at a mobile device as an extension of their laptop, or, even worse, consider a mobile device as simply a smaller version of a traditional laptop or desktop computer. There is a distinct difference between how we use a traditional computer and a mobile device. Traditional computers represent a lean-forward medium, while mobile devices are essentially a lean-back medium. In this article, I'll show you the difference!Read More…
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    Creative Block 101Creative block 101
    In the previous article, I described the creative thinking process. Sometimes this process isn't as easy as you might think; problems may arise during any one of the various phases. For example, it might be difficult to formulate the exact wishes of the client, or perhaps you just can't achieve that light bulb moment. Your inspiration stops and you don't know what to do. Fortunately, it's perfectly possible to understand why you're suffering creative block and to face it head on.Read More…
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    Understanding Creative ThinkingCreative thinking retina
    In this article I'll explain how we think during the process of being creative. This knowledge will help you understand creativity and will form a foundation in helping you understand why we have creative blocks and how we can combat them.Read More…
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    The Concept of CreativityCreativity retina
    Some people seem to learn a language effortlessly, others seem to be highly talented when it comes to sport. It's also possible for people to succeed at something, even if they're not especially gifted in that field. Sometimes it's simply a question of putting more effort in. The same goes for creativity.Read More…
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    Context Circles in Mobile DesignSven context circles preview retina
    The importance of user experience should never be underestimated when developing mobile applications. If an app fails to deliver during the first experience, the consequence is that you lose a customer. Context circles allow you to better understand customers and craft a more compelling design!Read More…