• Web Design
    Designing a Modular User Interface Kit in PhotoshopFancy web app ui retina
    The role of Photoshop in web design is becoming more modular. Instead of composing a pixel-perfect layout of an entire web page, it's perhaps more sensible these days to concentrate on general styles, color schemes and specific interface elements. Today we'll be looking more closely at designing UI elements, pulling together our own UI kit in the process.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Quick and Easy Documentation Using MarkdownPreview
    So you’ve created an awesome theme, template or web application. Now for the tedious part; the documentation. Writing the content won't necessarily be that problematic, it's more likely creating the help files which will take up precious time. Markdown, a lightweight and *really* simple formatting syntax can solve all that for you.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Styling Dark Select Dropdown With Dropkick.jsPreview1
    HTML select elements with their option tags cannot be completely customized using CSS, but what if we want to style a dropdown just as easily as <div>, <a>, <ul>, and <li> elements can be styled? Today, we'll style the Premium Pixels Dark Select Dropdown using DropKick.js to help us do just that.Read More…
  • Web Design
    Smarten Up a Slick Login Form With CSS3Preview
    Let's create a minimal and slick login form using basic HTML5 then enhancing it with some CSS3 techniques. Time to transform some simple elements into something beautiful..Read More…