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Sue Fleckenstein is a Toronto based freelance writer who enjoys providing both on and off line businesses with current content for their websites.
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    Are You Using Gmail to Your Best Advantage as a Freelancer?Are you using gmail to your best
    Many freelancers use Gmail but have you considered sprucing up your settings so that each email looks more professional? Wouldn't you prefer to have your customers and clients receive emails from your name @ your domain name dot com instead? This is really simple to set up and gives your emails a much more professional look. This article will show you how to add additional non Gmail addresses to your account, how to add labels and filters. Plus it will cover certain Add-ons that are available and will make using and organizing your account easier. The final section shows you how to use Rapportive as a way of connecting with your prospective customers and getting some background information before making your initial contact. After all first impressions count and what could be better than knowing a little bit more about them in advance?Read More…