Steven Riche
Steven Riche came to web development the long way around. After receiving a Bachelor of Arts in Communications and a Masters of Science in Human Resources, he found that his day job was not meeting his daily recommended intake of video games and robots. After studying various web languages he eventually co-founded Joust Multimedia, where he is able to do all kinds of fun things disguised as work. He currently lives in Columbus, Indiana with his beautiful wife who regularly beats him at video games.
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    JavaScript Animation that Works (Part 4 of 4)Spriting icon large
    In the first part of this series, we introduced the idea of using spriting as an easy, cross-browser way of having interactive animation for the web. In the second part, we got some animation working, and in the third we cleaned up our code and made it ready for the web. Read More…
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    JavaScript Animation That Works (Part 3 of 4)Spriting icon large
    In our first post in this series, we introduced spriting, and how it can be used to do easy and effective cross-browser animation on the web. In the second post, we got some simple animations up and running, although they had a fair amount of bugs and the code was certainly not ready to go live. Read More…
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    JavaScript Animation That Works (Part 2 of 4)Spriting icon large
    In the last post, we introduced the idea of spriting, an easy way to animate in JavaScript that works in all browsers. We also walked through how to set up the sprite as a background image for a div and then use a line of JavaScript to change the background position to make it appear as if the image has moved. Read More…
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    JavaScript Animation That Works (Part 1 of 4)Spriting icon large
    HTML is the language that the web is built in and it's kind of a strange beast. Although it was originally intended as a way to easily share academic information across the Internet, it has been slowly transformed to accommodate the media-rich environment we know and love. Because of the haphazard nature of HTML (and JavaScript, the programming language that manipulates elements in HTML and makes them interactive), sometimes we have to think outside the box a bit. In this tutorial series, I will show you how to do cross-browser animation using a method called spriting. And, because this is a learning opportunity, we will be doing it all without any external libraries (like jQuery).Read More…